Imperial Assault, Miniature Painting, Star Wars

Painting Table – Imperial Assault Nexu Completed

After painting the Nexu for Imperial Assault, I decided to rebase the miniature (or all my Imperial Assault miniatures), as I am not a fan of the supplied flat bases.
P1040581Specifically, I used Games Workshop’s Citadel 50mm round bases, identical in size to the Nexu-bases from the Imperial Assault box, and made simple, unobstrusive grey bases with sand painted with a base coat of Skavenblight Dinge, a dry brush of Administratum Grey and some green Games Workshop flock.

The most difficult part by far was to get the Nexu off their old bases.

Fantasy Flight Games‘ plastic can be surprisingly tough to cut through and file off the miniature. The process even murdered my old Citadel clippers, after which I switched to proper tools to get the Imperial Assault Miniatures off the old bases.
P1040590On to painting more Imperial Assault miniatures …

Imperial Assault, Miniature Painting, Star Wars

Painting Table – Imperial Assault Nexu

I managed to do a bit more painting for Imperial Assault, specifically the Nexu, which is such an awesome little model.

I certainly didn’t remember the Nexu from the movies (It is in the arena in Attack of the Clones, but I suppose I remember little from that movie at all). However, painting the miniature, I must say, it really is a wonderfully model and full of character.

Like many people painting Imperial Assault, I am mostly following the fantastic guides from Sorastro. Have a look there for an in-depth Nexu painting guide.

Step 1 – The Fur


For the fur, I used Rakarth Flesh for a base coat, followed by Screaming Skull for the top parts and a wash of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil.

After the wash was dry, I applied a light dry brush with Screaming Skull.

Step 2 – Stripes

Imperial Assault Nexu 2

One of the coolest ideas from Sorastro’s video are the stripes painted on with washes.

Unfortunately, I found them a bit tricky to do. Some look really awesome, but some stripes came out a bit blotchy

Step 3 – Purple & Flesh

Imperial Assault Nexus 3

I also used a base of Daemonette Hide, along with Druchii Violet as a wash and Bugman’s Glow, sometimes mixed with Army Painter Matt White for highlights.

I ended up really liking the mix of purple and flesh-tones.

It wasn’t an intuitive colour-combination for me, but I think it could also be used for other exotic miniatures to good effect.

The Nexu so far …

Imperial Assault Nexu 4

Not quite finished yet, but with Mephiston Red eyes (again Druchii Violet to shade), black claws and a few other details, my Nexus are coming along nicely …