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Genestealer Cults Armee für das 2019 TTM Grand Tournament West in Worms

Den Sommer über habe ich fast ausschließlich Genestealer Cults gespielt. Die Armee macht richtig Spaß, auch wenn ich damit auf Turnieren immer mal wieder Zeitprobleme hatte und nie so richtig erfolgreich damit war. Jetzt, da die neuen Space Marines vor der Türe stehen, scheint es, als könnte die Zeit für die Genestealer Cults als Turnierarmee ohnehin ausklingen. In jedem Fall bringe ich die 3-bis-4-armigen Aufständischen noch einmal für eine letzte Runde nach Worms zum GT West. Weiterlesen

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Warhammer 40K Miniatures used at the European Team Championships 2019

Mr. Ramsay at the Competitive 40K facebook group went through all the army lists submitted for the upcoming 2019 ETC, counting the more popular models that will be used at the event. All credit to him (I did not verify his count). I found the numbers quite interesting.

For reading this, there are 36 teams of 8 players competing at the event. Each team can only make use of each codex once. Thus there are, at most, 36 Chaos Space Marine armies, 36 Drukhari armies, etc.. . If a players uses, say, both a Chaos Space Marines and a Chaos Daemons detachment, his team-mates cannot use either codex.

The numbers:


58 Imperial Knight Crusaders
21 Imperial Knight Wardens
12 Imperial Knight Gallants
4 Imperial Knight Castellans
1 Imperial Knight Errant
1 Imperial Knight Valiant
3 armigers Helverins
1 armiger Warglaive
3 Shadowsword Superheave tanks

76 „Smash Captains“ from various Chapters
58 Leman Russ tank commanders, including Pask
21 Custodes Shield Captains
12 Colonel Straken

2640 Guardsmen (incl. Conscripts)
240 Space Marine Scouts

3 Hellhounds

40 Wyverns
12 Basilisks
10 Devastator Marines
6 Manticores
2 Leman Russes

9 Chimeras
9 Repulsor Tanks
6 Sisters of Battle Rhinos
1 Space Marine Rhino

4 Valkyries

Zero Predators, Land Raiders, Vindicators, Tactical Marines or Space Marine Flyers


6 Renegade Knights
3 Renegade Armigers

47 Daemon Princes
34 Lord Discordants
33 Ahrimans
6 Magnus
4 Mortarion

1987 Plague Bearers
1000 Tzaangors
746 Horrors
661 Chaos Cultists
513 Blood Letters
70 Chaos Space Marines
0 Daemonettes

14 Obliterators

3 Chaos Rhinos


2 Yncarne

108 Grotesques

102 Harlequin Skyweavers
31 Swooping Hawks

60 Dark Reapers
52 Talos
51 Ravagers
30 Fire Prisms
20 Night Spinners

36 Wave Serpents

82 Crimson Hunter Exarchs
23 Crimson Hunters
58 Razorwing Jetfighters
20 Hemlock Wraithfighters
12 Voidraven Bombers

Zero Wraithknights, Wraithguard or Wraithblades
Zero Shining Spears, Warp Spiders, Striking Scorpions or Fire Dragons

Other Xenos

84 Weirdboyz
33 Genestealer Cult Patriarchs
53 Big Meks
35 Ork Warbosses
10 Flying Hive Tyrants
9 Swarmlords
1 Old One Eye

2038 Ork Boyz
1166 Genestealer Acolyte Hybrids
385 Genestealers
28 Hormagants

150 aberrants
57 Riptides
19 Kelermorphs

828 Tactical Drones
197 Smasha Guns
178 Lootaz
117 Broadsides
23 Doomsday Arks
5 Traktor Cannons
2 Tyrannofex
1 Exocrine

9 Doom Scythes
3 Dakkajets
3 Wazboms Blastajets

Zero Carnifexes, Trygons or Mawlocs