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Force Friday – The Force Awakens X-Wing Starter Set Released

X-Wing The Force Awakens Starter Set

That is a pleasant surprise. On the event of today’s Force Friday, Fantasy Flight Games officially unveiled their new starter set for the X-Wing Miniatures game, themed to fit the new Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens.

Details about the new X-Wing starter set leaked a little while ago.

The pleasant surprise: It will already be available later this month (even today, if you can find a shop participating in the Force Friday thing).

The Force Awakens Core Set is now available as a special Force Friday release!

While The Force Awakens Core Set is currently only available at select Force Friday locations, it is now shipping for wider release, and you can look for it at your favorite local gaming store later this month.

That is definitely a great surprise for me. Though I knew it was coming, I assumed I would have to wait for the movie release in December to get my hands on the new The Force Awakens ships for X-Wing!

Now I cannot wait to get my hands on this!


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