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Armageddon Blog 3: Painting a Ferratonic Furnace

Time to paint my Ferratonic Furnace from the Shadow War Armageddon Box.

#1 – Basecoat

Using Games Workshop’s Citadel spray cans, I undercoated the Furnace black. After that, I sprayed the silo part with Zandri Dust.

I kept the two sections unglued to make painting a bit easier.

#2 – Drybrush & Wash

I went back to the parts of the silo I wanted to be metallic and re-painted them with Abaddon Black. After that I drybrushed all black parts with Leadbelcher.

Once the paint was dry, I gave everything a wash with Agrax Earthshade.

I considered washing the metal parts with Nuln Oil, but found it easier to wash everything with the same wash. It also gave the metal a nice, grimy and oily look.

#3 – Painting the Details

With the overall paint scheme set, I spent some time painting details. Admittedly, I didn’t spend hours giving them a super nice paint job. But hey, it’s terrain (and there’s a lot more in the box I need to paint.

#4 – Ferratonic Furnace painted!


Let me know what you think …


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