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Odyssée De Colmar Turnier – Spiel 2 vs. Space Wolves

Spiel 2: Eldar vs. Space Wolves.

Im zweiten Spiel konnte ich gegen die Best-Painted-Armee des Turniers, großartig bemalte Space Wolves, antreten. Weiterlesen

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X-Wing Tournament List – Poe & Wedge: X-Wing Aces Old & New


Will the new T-70 X-Wing bring back (a version of) the X-Wing to the X-Wing tournament scene?

It’s a question I have been asking myself. Now, at a local tournament, I ran a test with the following Rebels Squadron, featuring the top X-Wing aces of two eras: Poe Dameron and Wedge Antilles.

X-Wing Aces Old & New

My 99 points Rebels X-Wing tournament list:

  • Wedge Antilles (X-Wing) with BB-8 (2), Push the Limit (3) and Plasma Torpedos (3) – 38 points
  • Poe Dameron (T-70 X-Wing) with R5-P9 (3), Lone Wolf (2) and Autothrusters (2) – 38 points
  • Bandit Squadron Pilot (Z-95 Headhunter) – 12 points
  • Bandit Squadron Pilot (Z-95 Headhunter) – 12 points

To Hit Hard, To Survive the End Game

There is a nice symmetry in the list, with two X-Wing aces at 38 points and two Bandits, who generally serve to purpose of being a nuisance to my opponent.

Though the two X-Wing aces cost me the same amount of points, they fly very differently on the table.

Wedge Antilles

  • Wedge Antilles is not nearly as survivable as Poe Dameron. He rarely survived the games.

He did deal massive amounts of damage and I was really, really positively surprised with the BB-8 + Push the Limit combination. I knew it was good. I didn’t know how good. It makes the X-Wing extremely maneouverable (for an X-Wing) and allowed Wedge Antilles to deliver his trademark killer-attacks right where he needed them to be. With or without Wedge Antilles, this is a combination I will certainly use again (with a T-70 X-Wing Red Squadron Veteran or even Poe Dameron himself).


  • Poe Dameron in this build was the exact opposite to Wedge Antilles, as far as X-Wing-builds go. With Autothrusters, re-rolls from Lone Wolf and the ability to regenerate shields, he was meant (and usually was) built for the end game, the last ship on the table, where he excelled at wars of attrition.

Again, I am happy to report that Poe Dameron served excellently in this faction.

In one game, circling with an equally mobile and nearly as robust IG-88 Aggressor, I was able to wear my opponent down through many, many turns of shooting and shield-regenerating.

It wasn’t the finest game of X-Wing ever played, but it shows Poe Dameron’s potential for the long game, assuming he does not die early in the game to a concentrated barrage.

Final Thoughts?

Did I win the tournament?

No. I was beaten soundly by a Scum-&-Villainy-Swarm full off M3-A Interceptors and only just managed to eke out a small, technical victory by points against a Squadron of Y-Wings with Twin Laser Turrets and Corran Horn in an E-Wing.

That said, both X-Wing were tons of fun to fly. They were also effective in their own right and complemented each other well.

A fun list, and I will definitely fly something along those lines again!

X-Wing K-Wing Tournament
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K-Wing at the Tournament – Part 2

X-Wing K-Wing TournamentYesterday, I posted the first half of this two-part article about my experience testing the new X-Wing K-Wing, specifically this Rebels list, at a local tournament.

This is part 2.

Match 4 – Y-Wings & Stress

In my fourth match, I went against another Squadron of Y-Wings (these ships are really having a comeback, it seems).
Unlike the first Y-Wing list I fought, this one also used Twin Laser Turrets, albeit with a focus on stressing the opponent (i.e. me), with BLT-A4 Y-Wings (firing both primary & secondary weapons), Twin Laser Turrets and R3-A2 to pile stress tokens onto the opponent (i.e. me).

It was not the worst match-up for my list. Y-Wings are easy to catch with an alpha strike. Yet despite killing two early on, the remaining Y-Wings still won the war of attrition.

The amount of stress tokens on the table was insane.

Match 5 – Boba Fett & Scum

My only match against a Scum and Villainy list, specifically a Lone Wolf Boba Fett in a Firespray-31 and two M3-A Scyk Interceptors with Heavy Laser Cannons.

scum and villainy Boba FettFrom the four games I lost, this one was the one I was closest to winning.

The missile strike of my Z-95 Headhunters put the hurt on Boba Fett, while Miranda Doni’s Twin Laser Turret killed the Scyk Interceptors quickly enough.

Still, Boba Fett with Lone Wolf proved to be a formidable end-game-opponent, far more so than Miranda Doni with the odd blocking Bandit Squadron Pilot.

As in Match 4, the attrition war of the late game turned against me, ultimately costing me the match.

Final Thoughts on my K-Wing List

I love the look and the general „WW2 Bomber“-feel of the K-Wing. In my opinion, it is as a true Star Wars beauty of strange ship design.

I also believe Fantasy Flight dropped the ball on the rules-design for the K-Wing.

The K-Wing does not work much better as a bomber – even with the new SLAM – and does not hold a candle to ships like the B-Wing as a heavy jouster.

The Twin Laser Turrets are nice, but probably work even better on other ships, notably the Y-Wing, so the K-Wing risks being yet another X-Wing Miniatures expansion that people will mostly buy for this upgrade, not for the ship itself.

X-Wing K-Wing Tournament
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K-Wing at the Tournament – Part 1

X-Wing K-Wing Tournament

As planned, I took my K-Wing list to a local tournament today. I didn’t intend to win any prizes and mostly went to play around with the K-Wing. Even so, I am a bit disappointed by the K-Wing’s performance. It’s more fragile than it seems.

Of the 5 matches I played, I lost 4.

Match 1 – Lethal Twin Laser Turrets

Twin Laser TurretsThe first game I played showed me an arguably better use of the Twin Laser Turret, which I used on Miranda Doni in the hope of getting the most out of her unique ability.

My opponent flew Dash Rendar in his Outrider, as well as two Y-Wings, both with a Twin Laser Turret.

The two Twin Laser Turrents proved particularly lethal for Miranda Doni in her K-Wing. Shooting twice a turn each, the two Y-Wings put 3 – 4 dice of damage on her most turns. Needless to say, she didn’t last long.

After the K-Wing was gone, my Z-95 Headhunters didn’t stand much of a chance against Dash Rendar, despite the missiles I shot his way.

Match 2 – Victory Against the TIE-Punisher

TIE Punisher RedlineThe only match I won, I went up against a similar „let’s try the new bombers“-list.

This list was build around the TIE-Punisher, piloted in this match by Redline, which came out along with the K-Wing, bringing many similar upgrades to the Imperium.

Redline was supported, oddly enough, by a TIE-Defender and a TIE-Advanced. As high tech as the Imperium gets.

It was a good match-up, as my alpha strike list could really shine with its alpha strike against Redline. Moreover, my Ion Bomb helped me keep the TIE-Defender in place.

The result: today’s one and only victory for Miranda Doni.

Match 3- The Imperium’s Finest

X-Wing Dark VaderIn my third match, I went up against the first hard tournament list.

  • Darth Vader in a TIE-Advanced with the TIE/x1 Title and Advanced Targeting Computer
  • Whisper in a TIE-Phantom with Veteran Instincts and Advanced Cloaking Device
  • Soontir Fel in a TIE-Interceptor with Autothrusters and Push the Limit

Too many very elusive, slippery and hard-to-hit ships assembled there. I even scored a few hits on Whisper, but stood no chance against this lean, mean tournament-maschine.

To Be Continued…

My final two matches and my closing thoughts about the K-Wing in part 2.

X-Wing Miniatures K-Wing Tournament
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X-Wing – K-Wing Alpha Strike Tournament List Musings

The Wave 7 ships for the X-Wing miniatures game are out, including the new K-Wing bomber for the Rebels.

It is easily my favourite among the new ships, both because I have a soft spot for the Rebels and because its Imperial counterpart, the TIE-Punisher, feels too close to the TIE-Bomber, visually and in the game.

So my K-Wing is ordered and should arrive soon. Time to try flying the new Rebel bomber in a tournament. But what kind of list would work?

K-Wing Star Pilot – Miranda Doni

Miranda Doni K-Wing Ship

Miranda Doni appears to be the pilot of choice in most ideas for K-King lists. It’s not hard to see why:

  • Her abilitiy to spend shields to up the damage makes her an excellent weapons platform.
  • Her ability to regenerate shields by trading in damage dice makes her an excellent end-game-pilot, doubly so given the K-Wing’s turret.

This in mind, here is a fully souped-up Miranda Doni-build I want to try.

  • K-Wing – Miranda Doni (29) with Twin Laser Turret (6), Recon Specialist (3), Homing Missiles (5), Seismic Charges (2) and Extra Munitions (2)

It may be a bit much (47 points in a ship), but I hopefully get to try all the different K-Wing tricks and new toys.

A Homing Missile with 5 dice (with Miranda spending a shield) and no evade tokens? Ouch!

Double-tap Laser Turrent with double Focus tokens? A nice end game, allowing Miranda to generate a shield each turn and still deal reasonable damage.

Airen Cracken & the Bandit Wingmen

Z-95 Airen Cracken

Miranda is made for end game wars of attrition (I believe).

The rest of my list is made to get her there and eliminate the kind of threads that could take her out with concentrated fire.

Going with the missile-theme, these three z-95 Headhunters, complete with Airen Cracken and his useful lend-others-an-action-ability should provide both an early-game punch to take out a thread quickly and leave me with a few blockers to make life hard for anyone chasing Miranda.

  • Z-95 – Airen Cracken (19) with Cluster Missiles (4)
  • Z-95 – Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) with Ion Pulse Missiles (3)
  • Z-95 – Bandit Squardon Pilot (12) with Advanced Homing Missiles (3)

Missiles in a Tournament? Can it work?

X-Wing K-Wing Extra MunitionsConventional wisdom has it, missiles and torpedos in X-Wing are rarely worth it, especially in tournaments.

The K-Wing and TIE-Punisher seems largely designed around trying to change that, and with upgrades such as Extra Munititions, they at least get a few more shots.

This list likely isn’t going to win … say .. a regional championship, but with a heavy alpha punch and a solid end-game plan, I am interested to find out what the K-Wing can bring.

Let me know what you think!

X-Wing Dash Rendar Tournament List
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X-Wing Tournament List – Dash Rendar on a Budget

X-Wing Dash Rendar Tournament List

Heading out to a day-long X-Wing tournament. A tournament with twist: People bring two lists, alternating between them from game to game.

It sounds like a lot of fun and I haven’t played X-Wing in a while. The only problem, I needed another list. I flirted with two IG-2000 for a while, but ended up buying a YT-2400 with Dash Rendar, mostly because I prefer the (in my humble opinion) more classic Star-Wars-look of this particular ship.

„Fat Dash“ – An Expensive Proposition

Dash Rendar is popular in X-Wing tournaments these days, not least because it is an easy list to play. That suits me fine, seeing how I have to work two lists. Corran Horn is frequently his wingman.

Now, Dash Rendar in his YT-2400 is often used with the Engine Upgrade and Kyle Katarn as crew (along with Push the Limit). It’s a beautiful combination the really squeezes the most out of this wonderfully maneuverable ship.

Sadly, the former comes from the Millenium Falcon and the former later from the Rebels Aces. I own neither and don’t want to spend 40 quid just for two cards. So I’ll have the wing it on a budget (using just the things I own).

Dash Rendar – (Mostly) Straight from the Box

Dash Rendar in Outrider

Dash Rendar doing what he does best: Staying at range and blasting away. Three out of four upgrade cards come directly in the box with the YT-2400.

  • Heavy Laser Cannon – Given the YT-2400s measly base damage, it really is a ship meant to be flown with a cannon.
  • Outrider Title – A pricey option to turn the cannon into a turret. It’s pricey not just for the points, but for losing all attacks at range 1. I’ve seen people forgo this one entirely, but since I compromised on maneuverability, I wanted to give it a go.
  • Leebo – This little crew-member essentially is the more quirky version of the Engine Upgrade. Managing these Ion-Tokens (large ships only get ionized with two tokens) will be more difficult, but perhaps also more fun.
  • Push the Limit – This one doesn’t come in the box, but I still own it (from the A-Wing expansion). It’s just too good to not take it.

It adds up to 53 pts. worth of highly mobile, Heavy Laser Cannon-induced pain.

If I can keep Dash at range, that is.

Corran Horn – Dash’s Favourite Wingman

corran horn wingman

Corran Horn with all the toys!

He’s a mean little assassin, diving in to take out a specific high value target, where Dash if filling the void with heavy laser artillery.

  • Fire Control System – The one upgrade that works so, so perfectly with Corran’s pilot ability. Attack. Target Lock. Attack again with Target Lock. X-Wing’s double-tap.
  • Flechette Torpedos – They come with the E-Wing expansion pack. I mostly took them because I had points to spare, but not enough for proper Proton Torpedos. Will they be useful? No idea. I will find out.
  • Push the Limit – Because it’s crazy good.
  • R2-D2 – Because he will be flying many green maneuvers anyhow, seeing how he needs to remove stress from Push the Limit. In a list with only 2 ships, the added survivability is key.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that this is a net-list. Or, perhaps, it started as a net-list, watered down by economic prudence to upgrade cards that didn’t require buying more X-Wing ships (I know, I am weird not owning a Falcon).

In a two-list tournament however, the list has some added charm in being easy to fly (at least I hope). Playing four or five games in a day can take a toll, and this list should mitigate this somewhat, leaving me fresh and concentrated for those other games, when I will have to juggle lots of TIE-Fighters.

Let me know what you think!